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这是RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD代理公司注册号码089823法定代表人Albert Mann设在Kyiv 041072\6 Otto Shmidta str Ukraine


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本合同包括有关代理公司,辅助生殖项目过程中的每个阶段,体外受精,捐卵,代孕服务费用和付款方式的主要内容。It contains all the essential information about the agency, about all the organizational steps, the costs of the services connected with fertilization, surrogacy and egg donation, and the terms of payments.


RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD代理公司同意提供第1条制定的有关“VIP代孕服务计划”的各项服务。The RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD herein agrees to any services described in Article I, concerning the package “VIP SURROGACY.

本合同确认:在进行体外受精手术期内代理公司会承担代孕母亲从妊娠期到分娩为止的开支及捐献卵子费用。与此同时,代理公司承担代孕母亲妊娠期医疗保健并确保:代孕母亲不从事任何危害妊娠过程的活动。本合同确认准父母同意按照第二条:“VIP代孕服务计划”的费用支付金额。This document confirms that during the IVF procedure the agency is to cover all the necessary expenses concerning maintaining the surrogate mother during the pregnancy until delivery and the cost of egg donation. At the same time, the agency covers protection and medical care for the surrogate mother during the pregnancy and makes sure that the surrogate mother does not undertake any activity that could endanger the pregnancy. 

According to this agreement the Intended parents agree to pay the amount of money which is specified in Article II named “The cost of the VIP SURROGACY package”. 






住宿意味着由RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD提供的独立服务式公寓(约100-150平方米),公寓有女佣服务。客户仅授予14天套餐住宿权。若该期限超过14客户饮食和住宿应靠自费。Accommodation- means an apartment or villa room, provided by the RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD for up to 14 days. If the clients on their own initiative extend the stay , the cost of accomodation and food is paid by the clients. The cost for one day amounts to 130 euros. The apartment is serviced by attended housemaid.


协助 - 意味着由代理公司按照法律条款提供相关咨询并提供准确的法律文件服务。Assistance — means providing of relevant advice and preparation of documents correct in legal terms.


饮食(营养)- 意味着由RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD在住宿地方提供的热凉食物。Food, alimentation — means hot/cold meals served on the territory of places of accommodation provided by the RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD.


接送服务意味着由RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD提供的司机带车服务或者RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD员工安排的出租车服务以帮助客户从机场到酒店及返程和从住宿地方到医院接送及返程。说明:RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD不承担客户因个人需要私人预订的第三方车辆(出租车接送服务)。TransportationservicesofadriverwithavehicleprovidedbytheRENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD ortaxiservicesarrangedbytheRENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD employeestofacilitatethetransferofIntended parentsfromairportstoaccommodationplacesandviceversa, fromaccommodationplacestoclinic/hospitalandviceversa. Note that the transportation services ordered by the Intended parents for personal needs and provided by the third party drivers/taxi services are not covered by the RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD.






Services of the “VIP SURROGACY” package:



Part 1 – Services for the Intended parents: 

1.       第一次访问(如客户自身促排则停留2130, 如使用捐卵则停留14RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD代表人员会到机场接客户。First visit (21 or 30days for clients on ovarian stimulation, up to 14 days for clients using donor eggs) of the Intended parents who will be met at the airport by the representative of RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD.

2.       在第一次访问整个停留期间提供舒适的住宿。如客户对提供的住宿不满意,公司提供其他住宿,但费用由客户承担。Providing Intended parents with a comfortable accommodation during the entire stay. In case the client is not satisfied with the provided accommodation, any other accommodation is provided to the client at client’s own expense. 

3.       住宿地方有床,电视,冰箱,淋浴,餐具,厨房等。The accommodation is supplied with all facilities such as: kitchen, refrigerator, shower, TV, comfortable bed, etc.

4.       第一次访问包客户每天三顿营养套餐。The first visit includes all the necessary alimentation.

5.       提供智能手机和当地电话卡以便容易沟通。The Intended parents are provided with smartphone and SIM card of Ukrainian mobile operator for communication.

6.       第一次访问包客户在私人诊所主治医师指导下进行的检查。The first visit implies medical examination in a private clinic by the doctor in charge of the program.

7.       准父母住的地方提供有护士上门抽血服务。Neededbloodtestsareperformedbythecomingnursedomiciliary, intheapartmentwheretheIntendedParentsarestaying.

8.       制定准父母和代孕母亲之间的合同。Preparation of the contract between Intended parents and Surrogate mother. 

9.       准父母和RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD之间的合同准备和签署Preparation and signing of the contract between RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD and the Intended Parents.

10.    辅助生殖服务项目全程医疗翻译陪同。Service of an interpreter for the entire period of the program. 

11.    提供体外受精过程中必须的各项医疗服务。The Intended parents are provided with all the medical services required for the artificial insemination. 

12.    提供胚胎移植前遗传学基因诊断及有需求的话胚胎性别鉴定The Intended Parents are provided with the PGD service to detect the possible genetic abnormalities. If needed the sex of a baby may bedetected.

13.    监视和建档项目过程中有关的私人资料。Coordination and monitoring of all personal documents concerning the program.

14.    协调与控制项目过程中准父母医疗体检。Coordination and control of all Intended parents’ medical examinations within the program.

15.    协调和监督项目过程直至孩子出生并制定所有必须的文件。Coordination and supervision of the program until the birth of the child and preparation of all the necessary documents.

16.    代理公司及时通知客户妊娠过程,至少每个月提供一次相关妊娠信息。Keeping prospective parents informed about pregnancy progress (from RENAISSANCE, INC.) supplying them with all the relevant information at least once a month.

17.    在妊娠第3个月和第6个月做超声波检查。Ultrasound check should be made in the 3rd and in the 6th month of pregnancy. 

18.    第二次访问即项目服务期内最后一次访问,专程为孩子出生和获取项目相关文件文书,代理公司承担访问期间住宿和饮食。The second and the last visit for the delivery and for obtaining and processing of the documents within the program. The second visit includes accommodation with all the necessary facilities.

19.    如果早产,全部治疗和特殊医学设备使用有关的开支从早产儿出生第一天起由代理公司承担。In case of premature birth all the expenses related to additional medical treatment and special medical equipment utilization shall be covered by the Agency from the first day of birth.

20.    从产科医院出院后,准父母须独自抚育和照料新生儿。After the baby(s) is discharged from the maternity house the Intended Parents shall be considered solely responsible for the health and wellbeing of the baby(s). 

21.    提供初生婴儿服务计划,包括照顾婴儿的所需物品。The Intended Parents are provided with a NEWBORN PACKAGE – all the things needed to take care of a newborn baby.

22.    准父母可以和新生儿一起停留在产科医院。The Intended Parents can be staying in the specially equipped maternity house together with a baby.

23.    提供儿科服务。儿科主治医生每天上门检查新生儿。此外,提供24小时/7电话英文儿科专家会诊。如有需要会提供儿科专家上门服务The Intended Parents are provided with the pediatrician services. The attending doctor shall visit the baby every day. Besides, the Intended Parents are provided with the 24/7 phone consultation of a leading English-speaking pediatrician. If needed the leading pediatrician visits the baby upon request.

24.    为新生儿提供专科医师就诊和全面体检。The Intended Parents are provided with the complete physical check up of the baby by the focused specialists.

25.    提供保姆服务从上午9点到下午6点。The Intended Parents are provided by the services of a babysitter from 9 o'clock in the morning till 6o'clock in the evening.

26.    协助在乌克兰民事登记处获取孩子的出生证明,出生证明上注明的孩子父母为准父母Assistance in the Ukrainian Civil Register Office to obtain the child’s Birth Certificate in the name of the Intended Parents.

27.    协助办理和获取孩子护照。Assistance to the IntendedParents in obtaining a passport in the name of the child.

28.    最后送婴儿父母和婴儿到机场离开乌克兰。Final transportation of parents and newborn to the airport for them to leave the country.



Part 2 – Services regarding surrogate mother and legal assistance: 

1.     提供有成功代孕经验的代孕母亲。The Intended Parents are provided with the services of a surrogate mother who has already had a positive surrogacy experience

2.     对代孕母亲进行心理测试。Psychological diagnostic of the surrogate mother.

3.     对代孕母亲进行体检以确认她身体状况适合受精,妊娠和生育健康的孩子。Medical examination of the surrogate mother to confirm the physical state available for fertilization, pregnancy and subsequent delivery of a healthy child.

4.     代孕母亲准备:为代孕母亲提供医疗,接送,住宿,饮食服务直至她和准父母签署合同。Preparation of the surrogate mother: medical needs, transportation, living, meals until she signs the contract with the Intended Parents.

5.     RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD每个星期通过电话或者面谈进行一次代孕母亲的监督管理,监督管理代孕母亲妊娠过程中的健康状况,体质需要和各种产检。Weekly check-up by the company RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD (by phone or personally) of the surrogate mother’s health and physical needs during her pregnancy including any medical examinations.

6.     所有的超声检查都是在私人诊所由医生进行,以确认代孕母亲和她孕育的胎儿都身体健康。All the ultrasound checks performed by a doctor in the private clinic to ensure that both the child and the surrogate mother are in good health.

7.     代孕母亲住宿费用和分娩费用都由代理公司承担。All the charges for the accommodation of the surrogate mother in her private room, the costs of childbirth are paid by the clinic.

8.     私人诊所主治医师的所有费用由代理公司承担。Defrayal of all the costs concerning the services of the doctor in charge of the program in the private clinic.

9.     代孕母亲医疗保险。如果妊娠期或分娩时发生不可抗情况如代孕母亲患上疾病或者死亡,全部赔偿金由RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD承担。Medical insurance for the surrogate mother in the event of unforeseen circumstances during childbirth or pregnancy . 

10.  VIP代孕服务计划’包含代孕母亲怀胎的补偿金。准父母不必向代孕母亲直接支付任何费用。The “VIP SURROGACY” package includes payment to surrogate mother for carrying the pregnancy of your child.  The Intended Parents do not make any payments directly to the surrogate mother.

11.  准父母与代孕母亲的交流在指定客户主管指导下进行。Communication between the Intended Parents and a surrogate mother is performed in coordination with the manager in charge of the program.

12.   VIP代孕服务计划’包含亲子鉴定,医学鉴定中心由RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD指定,全部和亲子鉴定有关的开支由RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD承担。如果准父母要求找非RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD指定的医学鉴定中心做亲子鉴定,费用由准父母承担。The DNA test is performed within the program — the test laboratory is appointed by the RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD and all the expenses regarding this DNA test are covered by the RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTDIf requested, a separate DNA test in a laboratory other than appointed by the RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD can be done — in this case the cost of the service shall be paid by the Intended Parents.

13.    向乌克兰民事登记处提交文件并对出生证明进行正式注册登记,出生证明上孩子父母注明为准父母。代理公司承担翻译,公证和认证服务。Submission of the documents and official registration concerning the Birth Certificate of the child to the Ukrainian Civil Register Office, in which the names of the Intended Parents are indicated. Translation and legalization of the birth certificate are also included.


如果代孕母亲自然流产,人工流产或者她出生的孩子死亡,代理公司保障重启尝试,准父母不需承担额外费用。In case of miscarriage, abortion or death of the child the Agency guarantees the resumption of attempts with no additional charge for the Intended Parents.


如果准父母提供自己的卵子:准父母须遵照主治医师指导和治疗方案,不擅自加快过程并避免自疗,遵守促排周期,超声检查和处方时间表。超声检查报告应在指定的日期通过邮件发给客户经理。如果超声检查不在指定的日期发来,项目会暂停,客户序列的位置变成最后一个。If the Intended Parents use own eggs: The Intended Parents have to follow all doctor's instructions according to the treatment plan, not hasten the process and avoid self-treatment, stick to the stimulation protocol and dates for the ultrasounds and medication. The ultrasounds have to be sent to the manager’s e-mail the day it is appointed, if the ultrasound is not sent on the proper date, the program is suspended and the client’s line position is moved to the last place (for clients on ovarian stimulation).


33岁以下, AMH(抗苗勒氏管激素)水平3.0以上的客户,可授予从13次自卵尝试的机会(基于医生决定)。不成功而还是要用第四次尝试时,客户应另付3000欧元。

If under 33 years old and AMS is no less than 3.0, the client is being given from one to three attempts on their own oocytes (according to the doctor’s decision). Extra charge for the extra attempt is 3,000 euros.


33-40 岁以内AMH(抗苗勒氏管激素)水平1.0以上的客户仅授予1或者2次自卵尝试的机会(基于医生决定)。每下一次尝试应另付6000欧元 / 1次。

If the age is 33-40 years and AMS is no less than 1.0, the client is being given one or two attempts on their oocytes (according to the doctor’s decision). Extra charge for the extra attempt is 6,000 euros.


如果客户在没有得到医生许可的情况下,私自使用激素药物促排卵则代理公司对客户处以罚款,罚款金额为客户已付款的金额30%In case of self-treatment and/or unauthorized treatment/stimulation with hormonal medications the Intended Parents are charged by penalty at the rate of 30% of the paid amount.


在准父母违反医师指示和医师开的治疗方案情况下,本合同终止,代理公司不会做出任何赔偿或退款。Violating of the doctor’s instructions and protocol by the Intended Parents may lead to contract termination without possible refund.



Time periods between attempts are determined by the doctor only.


 该套餐包括住宿,住宿有固定的规则客户应该遵守如果客户违反住宿规则,代理公司有权把客户转入客户指定的其他住宿地方,住宿费由客户承担。如住宿地方和饮食不符合客户要求,准父母可以自己选其他住宿和食物,但费用由客户承担。Accommodation that is included into the price of the package has certain rules to follow. In case the Intended Parents violate the rules of accommodating, the Agency may transfer the Intended Parents to another place of accommodation pointed out by the Intended Parents — at their own expense. In case the accommodation or food does not suite to the Intended Parents, the Intended Parents can choose another accommodation and food for their own cost.


RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD公司,私人诊所,代孕母亲,客户以及其他各方应保密并不得将本合同内容透露给任何第三方。The company Renaissance, Inc., the private clinic, the surrogate mother, and all parties are subject to confidentiality and will not disclose any information about the identity of biological parents or born child to third parties.



客户承诺不泄露第三方: 穿刺和卵细胞移动确切和确切的日期; 已选和开始工作供者号码 此信息是严格保密。如果披露诊所有权处2千欧元以上5千以下罚金

The intendent parents engage themselves not to disclose to the third party the following information: the conjectural and the exact time of pick up and transfer of the oocyte; the numbers of the chosen and affirmed egg donors. In case of breaking this agreement the clinic has the right to charge a fine which can amount from 2000 to 5000 Euro.






The cost of the “VIP SURROGACY” package:


VIP代孕服务计划’价格为  49 900 欧元。The price of the “VIP SURROGACY” package is 49 900 euro.

·         价格包全部上述服务及所需要的药物。The price covers the cost of all the services listed above, including all needed medicine.

·         VIP代孕服务计划’价格全额分5期付款如下:The payment of the program is divided in 5 rates listed below:


1.       第一次访问诊所签订合同,支付第一笔10000欧元10000 euro is the first instalment, which should be paid during the first visit to the clinic after signing the contract.

2.     次访问(如果客户自身促排)取卵手术前,支付第二笔9900欧元。如果使用捐卵并以银行汇款支付,该款要在取卵手术前交纳。9900 euro the payment must be made before the day of the eggs collection– for clients on ovarian stimulation either for clients using donor eggs. Clients using donor eggs make the payment by the bank transfer.

3.     第三笔款10000(一万)欧元应在代妈孕期第六月支付。具体的支付时间在金融部所开的汇款单指出。根据诊所发给的汇款单,付款进行绝对的方式应是银行汇款,其中:16000欧元给代妈私人账号直接付。若当付款时准父母不遵守汇款单信息指出要求,这笔款不能为完成而算是违背合同。2)剩下的金额(4000 EUR 两千欧元)应汇到诊所指出的对公账号 (参考汇款单)。The third Payment (10000 euros) is to be made on the sixth month of pregnancy. The accurate time frame for making payment will be written in invoice. 1) The 6000 euro payment is only to be made via bank transfer to the surrogate mother’s account.2) The 4000 euro payment is only to be made via bank transfer to the agency account.The payment should be made strictly according to invoice. Any retreat from invoice may be considered as contract violation

4.     孩子出生之后及制定资料前,支付第四笔10000欧元10000 euro should be paid after the birth of the child and before the documents processing.

5.     获得出生证明及得到办理孩子护照的协助,支付第五笔(最后)10000欧元。该款项须在预订大使馆之前支付(大使馆需要的文件将在最后一次付款后制定)。10000 euro  is the last installment to be paid after receiving the child’s birth certificate and  getting  assistance in receiving of a passport for a child to leave the country. Additional document, required by the Embassy are prepared after the final payment is made.




For your consideration:


·         ‘VIP代孕服务计划‘包含捐卵并保证成功的效果无论多次尝试所有的尝试费用都由RENAISSANCE承担。NotethattheVIP SURROGACYpackageimpliesoocytedonationandguarantiesapositiveresult, nomatterhowmanyattemptsareneeded, allofthemaretobepaidbythecompanyRENAISSANCE, INC.

·         注意:代孕母亲只能由项目负责医生挑选。Note that the surrogate mother is selected only by the doctor in charge of the program.

·        参与捐卵代孕纲领的客户应选5位数据库里的捐卵者。医生让所有捐卵者通过体检后并按照体检指标选择最合适的1位。Participating on donor eggs clients have to choose 5 donors from the clinic database. The doctor examines all donors and for medical reasons chooses one the most suitable donor.

·        中心通知客户指定捐卵者的序号是不早于捐卵日期前两周所告知。Clients are informed about approved by doctor donors number no earlier than 2 weeks before the expected date of the puncture.

·       供卵者全部信息,包括姓名、出生年月日、居住地址等其他体检指标为严格保密。客户不能要求中心职员漏严格保密而除非数据库里记载的供卵者信息。All information about the donor: name, surname, address of residence is strictly confidential. Clients have no right to require hospital staff to disclose any personal donor information other than that contained in the database.

·       RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD责成客户不要向其他客户披露相关他们的计划(供卵者号码、促排卵和穿刺术的日期、代孕母亲的信息、体检结果等)的任何信息。披露相关计划的信息的罚款额达到套餐全部费用的10%The RENAISSANCE HOLDING LTD obliges the clients NOT TO DISCLOSE ANY INFORMATION concerning their program (eggdonor's number, terms of stimulation or pick up, surrogate mother's information, diagnostic results etc) to other clients or third parties. The fine for disseminating  the information about the program ammounts to 10% of the total cost of the program.


·         如果代孕母亲妊娠终止,已交付的费用不受影响。寻找新的代孕母亲由代理公司承担。生物学父母只须承担签证和机票费用。In the unlikely event of losing a child by the surrogate mother, payments that have been already made are not affected. The cost of finding a new surrogate mother should be paid by the company. In this case, the biological parents only pay for air tickets. 

·         如果款项以银行汇款支付,客户应把汇款收据扫描通过邮件发给客户经理。In case payments are made by a bank transfer, a photocopy of the bank’s transfer agreement should be sent by email.

·         与大使馆相关文件的处理以及旅行文件(签证,护照)的一切开支由客户承担。All the expenses related to the processing of papers by the relevant Embassies and issuance of the travel documents/passports by these authorities are paid by the clients.

·         如以现金付款,金额不变动。In case of cash payment, the amount is not changed.


如果准父母终止合同在医疗方案开始前,从客户第一笔款项中扣1000欧元。If this contract is terminated by the Intended Parents before the beginning of any procedures, 1000 euro is kept back from the first payment.


如果准父母终止合同在医疗方案开始后,在捐卵者或生物学母亲进行促排治疗过程中,从客户第一笔款项中扣50%If this contract is terminated by the Intended Parents during/beginning of the donor stimulation or during/beginning of the biological mother stimulation, 50% is kept back from the first payment, made by the client. 


如果准父母终止合同在捐卵者服用避孕药中并准备好进周期,从客户第一笔款项中扣35%If this contract is terminated by the Intended Parents when the donor is on birth control pills, getting ready for the program, 35% is kept back from the first payment, made by the client.





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